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Receivable Insurance Tips

All of the major credit insurance underwriters experienced unprecedented levels of claims in 2008, and the forecast for 2009 indicates that the trend will continue or even worsen.

In these circumstances, it is critical to ensure that you understand your obligations under the policy and are complying with them.

Each underwriter has terms and conditions of coverage that vary from one policy to another. The foregoing points are general and apply to most policies. However, if you are unclear as to any conditions in your policy, you should contact your insurance carrier. 

Millennium CreditRisk Management Limited is an independent Canadian owned insurance broker, specializing in only credit and political risk.  It has been established since 1994 and represents over 160 companies from PEI  to BC.  Millennium's strength is a combined understanding of credit issues and unparalleled expertise in credit insurance - www.mcm.ca.


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