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November 20, 2019 we celebrated Student Night with our Graduates.
Guest speaker was Neil Thornton. His topic “Standing Out as a Leader and Impacting a Culture of Engaged Teams” was very engaging. A fabulous speaker!

CCP Graduates:
Yu-Chen (Mercy) Tsai
Jay (Jung Duk) Bae
Kim Lammert-Bowles
Riaz Raksh
Karen Bechtel

Highest Marks:
Yu-Chen (Mercy) Tsai (Advanced Credit Management CR2 - and Managing Credit With Information Technology II – CR3-II) National Awards
Brenda Forsyth – (Canadian Credit Law - CL1)
Lisa Johnson – (Managing Credit with Information Technology I – CR3-I)
Cathy Knechtel – (Fundamentals in Business – FB1)

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